Onorio Marinari, Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Onorio Marinari, Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Heffernan Research and Consulting offers a range of English language tutoring options. Individual and small group sessions are available. Special classes on focused topics, such as essay writing, are also offered throughout the year.

Margot Heffernan works with ESL students as well as individuals who need to enhance specific English language skills. Margot teaches beginning and intermediate level students in addition to academically advanced individuals.

Students can meet with Margot at a number of locations, such as libraries, coffee houses and other public venues. Margot also meets with students at her office.

Heffernan Research and Consulting offers high quality, dedicated English language education and tutoring. Margot has successfully worked with individuals from many regions of the world. Mexico, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, and Burma are just a few of the countries where her students have come from.

What sets us apart from traditional tutoring services?

Margot is an experienced writer who understands the structure of the English language very well and is able to convey ideas in a clear and understandable way. Equally important to Margot’s unique service is her ability to successfully interact with a wide variety of people. Margot has worked closely with different age groups and individuals from many ethnicities. She is a compassionate and insightful English teacher who understands that every person learns in his or her own way. Margot inspires students to excel at English language learning!

Contact Margot

Phone: 540-383-3511
Email: info@medicalresearchforlaw.com