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Margot Heffernan Teaches ESL Class at Skyline Literacy

Margot, center, with two of her students from Skyline Literacy

Margot Heffernan is teaching an intermediate level ESL class at Skyline Literacy in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This class meets three times a week, from September through early December. Skyline Literacy is an organization that offers English classes to individuals who wish to enhance their language skills. The mission of Skyline Literacy is to improve the functional literacy …

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Margot Heffernan and Keri Sue Brunk Teach ELL classes for American Home Life International

Keri Sue Brunk Instructs Chinese ELL students

Margot Heffernan and Keri Sue Brunk taught an ELL class (English Language Learning) which was sponsored by American Home Life International, an organization that provides cultural and educational learning experiences for students from around the world. Margot and Keri Sue  have collaborated on previous ELL teaching projects at Skyline Literacy in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This class included twenty middle school students …

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Margot Heffernan presented with the 2012 Tutor Merit Award

Margot Heffernan accepts the Tutor Merit Award from the Skyline Literacy Coalition

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, the Skyline Literacy Coalition of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County presented Margot Heffernan with the Tutor Merit Award.  Margot was nominated because of her dedication to her past and present students. Her work with ESOL classes shows her commitment to her students and to literacy in the Harrisonburg/Rockingham community. Skyline Literacy recognizes Margot’s …

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What sets us apart from traditional tutoring services?

Margot is an experienced writer who understands the structure of the English language very well and is able to convey ideas in a clear and understandable way. Equally important to Margot’s unique service is her ability to successfully interact with a wide variety of people. Margot has worked closely with different age groups and individuals …

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