Margot was an amazing help for my doctoral dissertation. She helped organize the overall structure of my dissertation for clarity and logic. She researched medical articles and studied my topic in order to advise me more in depth. The time frame was superb. In the midst of difficult circumstances she still kept revising my document. I will be always grateful for her help and patience with the author in getting the job done.

Gustavo Peterlevitz
Pensacola, Florida
August 2014

Margot did an exceptional job teaching a group of middle school students from China this summer. The children came with varying levels of English language fluency. She expanded very well on the curriculum provided, bringing in supplemental materials and hands on activities. Encouraging the kids to talk took patience and creativity – she did really well. She was energetic, flexible, and a huge help with the team. She consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. I plan to work with her many more times!

Kimberlee Greenawalt
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Margot is a wonderful asset to Skyline Literacy’s Volunteer Tutor Program. She is committed to providing each student a learning experience focused on individual needs and goals. Her patient and positive attitude puts students at ease and creates an environment where taking risks and making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. For anyone struggling with literacy, especially English language skills, these are the greatest gifts a tutor can offer, and Margot bestows them on every one of her students.

Elizabeth Girvam
Executive Director
Skyline Literacy
Harrisonburg, Virginia

My name is Maria and I am from El Salvador. Mrs. Margot has been my English teacher for the past year. She is friendly and patient with all of her students and makes everyone feel comfortable. I think she is a kind person and a great English teacher.

Maria Lemus
Skyline Literacy

Margot is an excellent teacher and she has helped me learn better English language skills. She has helped me learn so much more about spoken English, grammar, and essay writing.

Osama Mohammed Al-hamed
Intensive English Program
Eastern Mennonite University

I have worked with Margot on a number of cases. Their services are invaluable. Margot consistently provides in-depth research and puts it together in a concise and timely fashion.

John Scott
McClung, Peters & Simon
Albany, New York

We are impressed with Margot’s information gathering and research skills. Her work is always thorough and accurate.

Cophelia Pertz, VMD
Julian & Pertz, P.C.
Utica, New York

Thank you for all your excellent help. It helped me to have a much more firm grasp on a difficult concept.

Thomas O’Malley
Mahoney, O’Malley, Nugent & Alexander, P.C.
Albany, New York

Thank you for your excellent assistance.

Vincent Rossi, Jr.
Rossi, Murnane, Balzano & Hughes
Utica, New York

Thanks for Margot’s expertise, I was able to get a clear understanding of a very complex medical subject matter. I received a meticulously researched, comprehensive analysis of my topic. Now that’s service!

Randal Streufert
Denver, Colorado